How to Make a Successful Career in Python


From ordering food, commuting to our office to getting in touch with a friend, we have mobile/web applications to make it happen. So, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Software development and web applications are running the world.

Learning the programming languages can take you to new heights as it is the core of the technology. Acquiring it will make you capable of building, implementing, and debugging new applications. 

One of the languages that are in a boom right now is Python. All the leading companies like Google, Facebook, and Netflix make customize their software using this language. According to The Importance of Being Earnest (TIOBE) index, Python will take over Java and C language in the next four to five years. (TIOBE is a programming community index that measures the popularity of software languages.) Python is getting acclamations because of its simple syntax, easy complication feature, faster code readability, conciseness. 

Career Path in Python

There are a lot of ways to get into software developing and learning new languages. Initially, you can pursue software engineering or computer science and then enhance your skills with certification courses. ITView, which is a leading Python Training institute in Wakad, Pune will show you the right path to make a career in this field. 

Options in Different Disciplines

  • Data Science & Machine Learning (ML) /Artificial Intelligence (AI) 

Machine learning which is related to AI is a technology that accesses data without human interaction by understanding algorithms. Data Science is a technology that derives insights using specific algorithms from structured/unstructured data. Python is widely used to build applications for companies that want to manage their data using ML or data science, as it has precise syntax, code efficiency. Plus, it can be combined with other languages. 

  • Web Development

Learning Python can land you at the position of a web developer in an established firm because almost everybody is inclining towards the language. Python is compatible because it serves the general-purpose and offers numerous frameworks. Every company wants a novel and customized website. If it is built using python it will help you to create ideal mobile as well as desktop versions, catboats suited with machine-learning technology, cohesive animations. 

  • Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT is basically a system of interconnected devices having unique IP addresses that are capable of sharing and transferring data either by human-to-human or human-to-computer interactions. IoT is usually used for data analysis and hence the software should be easy and flexible. Using Python to create these systems will be a perfect choice, as the language is extensible, easy to code, and embeddable.   

  • Full-Stack

The full-stack developers are all-rounder as they develop the front end, build the back end, create database servers, version controlling systems, and API. They convert client demands into application and websites. Python language is a popular option for full-stack developers as it is an all-purpose, high-level language that provides an open-source, suits all applications. Python not only allows you to execute software but all communicate with each other. Using this programming language requires less coding instructions plus it provides flexibility, affordability, plenty of framework stacks, and scope of customizations.    

  • Selenium Automation Testing Tool 

Selenium is the most popular open-source tool used for software testing because it allows functional testing, plus records and playbacks while using the tool. It can be used to test multiple scripts across varied browsers. The tool supports numerous languages, dives and constantly introduces new updates. Using Python in selenium automation testing permits you to run tests and code coverage parallel and acts as a bridge between test code and cases. Python has simple syntax, can be scripted in several ways, it is object-oriented, interpretative, and versatile, and hence fits in with the tool perfectly.      

  • Cloud Computing (Aws) and DevOps

Many businesses are adopting cloud automation because it can work in different domains also it is cheap and easy to maintain. Python optimized Aws and DevOps are in the boom because it easily solves the complexities occurred in cloud operations. It is flexible in a way that it offers several sets of frameworks that are compatible with the functions of both the tools. Its constant updates give an opportunity to create descriptive documents under a centralised system.    

Pros of Choosing to Be a Python Developer

  • You get to use a broad range of libraries and tools while scripting in the Python language. 
  • An ample amount of job opportunities are available as it is in demand and recently started gaining popularity. 
  • If you are inclined towards ML or AI than Python is an excellent option for you.
  • Python can be created under the OSI-approved open source that enables the commercial uses to use and distribute it conveniently
  • Using Python helps the developer to make a user-friendly, fast, and dynamic data structures. 
  • It increases productivity as the structures made by python have, own unit testing framework, process protocol, strong integration, improved text processing. 
  • Python support library provides a slandered code that reduces the length of the code.    


If you want a successful career in developing, scripting and building applications then learning Python is the need of the hour. Getting in touch with the top-graded institutes will open many possibilities for you. ITView is a professionally managed Software training institute, aspiring to grow as a prominent learning center at various IT hubs of Country. ITView has a team of top-graded tutors that train and guide you to get acquainted with Python. 

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