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Selenium Automation Testing Overview and Its benefits

Selenium automation testing is one of the most prominent automated testing frameworks that allow the user to use different languages like python, C#, and java to generate Selenium Test Scripts that in turn verifies web applications on different browsers and operating systems. 

Selenium is open-source automated software, which is a combination of different suites of software consists of four different parts:

  1. Selenium Integrated Development Environment
  2. Selenium Remote Control
  3. Selenium WebDriver
  4. Selenium Grid

Selenium Integrated development environment is the basic structure in the selenium automation testing. It is added as a plugin only in Firefox and chromes, the basic function of the Selenium IDE is to record and playback the course of actions on the browser. Since it has the simplest framework the user can learn it easily and it is best to use it as a prototype tool.

Selenium Remote Control- A step ahead of Selenium IDE, Selenium remote control supports multiple browsers and allows users to test applications in different operating systems. Its accomplish task faster than IDE and also supports different programming language to the user like JAVA, PHP, Python, Ruby, etc.

Selenium WebDriver, just like Selenium RC also provides different programming languages. It one of the most vital Selenium automation testing. Selenium RC does not require Javascript to interact with the browsers. It gets easily installed and unlike Selenium RC there is no need for a separate RC server to begin testing. 

Selenium Grid, The latest component that is been used widely for automation testing is easiest to learn also. It comes with the feature to run multiple testing at once in different browsers. Due to the parallel testing feature, it saves a lot of time for the user. It should be preferred when the developer has run long tests, though it needs external support for report generation tasks.

Advantages of Selenium Automation Testing

  1. Cost-efficient:- Since it’s an open-source tool, this becomes its huge advantage. As it is available to everyone, the user can freely download it and save the additional cost. The open-source feature allows user to tailor-make the codes for better management. 
  2. Language support:- The number of languages supported by Selenium is another feature that stands out. The developer does not have to be proficient in the Selenium only language, the Selenium can convert different languages into codes and the user can starts with Selenium automation testing without worrying about the languages. 
  3. Supporting multiple browsers:- Selenium supports several browsers like firefox, internet explorer, chrome, safari, does saving time for the developer from rewriting the codes, and supports simultaneous testing in different browsers. 
  4. Flexible with multiple operating systems:- Along with multiple browsers, selenium supports multiple operating systems like Windows, Mac, and UNIX. This provides the liberty to customize the suite in one system and then run it on another.
  5. Multiple testing across different devices

Automation testing can be executed for mobile devices, thus facilitating developer to address the issue without delay and implement the needed results

Though there are a number of tutorials, free guides, and reading material available on the web to learn in-out of the Selenium automation testing, but without proficient guidance, one cannot become familiar and skilled with automation testing. Itview has designed a perfect solution in the form of a course that will assist the learner to grasp necessary knowledge that will build confidence to implement automation testing. The course is specially designed to impart practical understanding along with study material.

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Selenium Automation Testing Overview and Its benefits
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Selenium Automation Testing Overview and Its benefits
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