Tableau Online Training and Certification

What is Tableau Online Training and Certification?

Are you an aspiring data scientist or data analyst looking forward to helping the industry optimize the use of data? You must then walk the extra mile to learn Tableau Online and enhance your professional value as a data professional. But, where do you learn Tableau Online, and what is Tableau Online Training and Certification? ITView, the leading Tableau Online Training and Certification institute, answers these questions through this blog.

What is Tableau BI Tool?

In simple words, Tableau is one of the latest Business Intelligence (BI) tools, the use of which primarily involves visually analyzing business data. It enables users to create and distribute an interactive and shareable dashboard, showcasing various aspects of data such as trends, density, and variations, etc., in a graphical format.

Additionally, Tableau can connect with files, relational, and Big Data sources to fetch and process data. Furthermore, it enables data blending and bolsters real-time collaboration. Together, these factors make it a unique and useful tool amidst the age where data is gold to every business. No wonder it enjoys widespread application across government agencies, companies, etc. So, learning Tableau proves beneficial in the long run!

What is Tableau Online?

Tableau Online is a fully cloud-hosted analytics program. It enables you to publish dashboards and share your findings with anyone. Further, it allows you to invite colleagues or clients to explore hidden opportunities with interactive visualizations and accurate data. Its association with the cloud adds to its competencies and makes professionals proficient with Tableau Online an asset for the organization with which they work.

What is Tableau Training and Certification?

So, what is Tableau Online Training and Certification? The comprehensive course touches on various vital aspects of Tableau and increases students’ employability across the professional world. It is apt for aspiring data scientists with a basic understanding of charts and graphs. Besides, SQL knowledge can prove an added advantage.

Business Intelligence OverviewHierarchyFiltersData Source Filters
Date FunctionsConstant SetsPage ShelfTable Calculations
ForecastingDevice PreviewAPI Integration with TableauData Blending
Advanced VisualizationsMaps Using GroupsTableau Online User FilterTableau Online

What does the Tableau Online Module, in Particular, Include?

The course comprises comprehensive Tableau online training that includes,

  • User Interface
  • Publishing Workbooks
  • Scheduling
  • Extract Refresh
  • Creating
  • Creating Groups
  • Data Sources
  • Subscriptions of Reports
  • Users
  • Assigning Permissions to Users
  • Creating Projects

Where do you Learn Tableau Online Training and Certification in Pune?

So, which is the best place to get Tableau Online Training and Certification in Pune? The answer is ITView. The institute conducts the above Tableau Online course to create expert Tableau professionals capable of making a difference in the data-driven business environment by leveraging their data analysis and Tableau skills.  The course is conducted online and offline across seven to eight weekends and completed in two months.

Does Tableau need Coding?

No. Tableau does not require any technical, coding or programming skills.

What are the Different Uses of Tableau?

Some of the uses of the various Tableau tools include,

  • Create reports and charts
  • Create data stories
  • Publish work on Tableau Server
  • Share data discoveries
  • Share visualization created in desktop application
  • Edit and modify data created through Tableau Desktop or Tableau Public
  • Create interactive dashboards

Is Tableau the Best BI Tool?

Some of the features that define Tableau’s capabilities include,

  • Handles vast quantities of data
  • Has extensive number of servers and database sources
  • Used with various outsourcing platforms
  • Learning Tableau does not require any technical skills
  • Represents larger data sets from various sources
  • Versatile medium for visual data representation

Is Tableau or Power BI Better?

While Power BI has its significance, Tableau with its extensive features and competitiveness, Tableau proves a better tool.

Why do you Choose ITView for Tableau Software Training and Certification?

If you are looking out to pursue Tableau Certification in Pune through the best IT training institute in Pune, you must choose ITView for reasons that include,

  • Qualified and experienced IT professionals as trainers
  • Emphasis on achieving practical expertise through abundant practical sessions
  • Limited batch size of four students to ensure personalized attention
  • Interaction with industry experts
  • Backup classes, in case you miss any
  • Ample time to address queries, concerns and doubts
  • Lifetime access to course content through videos
  • Career assistance through resume development, mock interviews and a career fair
  • 100% placement assistance

Get your Tableau Online Training and Certification with ITView and Pave the Way to a High-Paying IT Job

Tableau training in Pune, through ITView, is your passport to success in the data analytics sector. Enroll in ITView’s comprehensive Tableau software course and create a competitive advantage for yourself in the industry. For more information on course details and enrollments, connect with ITView at +91 84840 38466.

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