How ITView can help you uplift your career in this challenging time


With the onset of technology in every facet our daily lives, the opportunities to study and work within a tech-related field continue to rise. Computer science, software engineering, and information technology are just a few of the many degrees leading to a ripe and growing job market. Even if you are not having a technical degree in bachelors you can learn these technologies at various institutes through short term courses these days.

ITview is one such professional institute for Software training, aspiring to flourish as a prominent learning center at various IT hubs of India. ITview provides training on below mentioned technologies: Python, AWS, DevOps, Data Science, RPA, Selenium, Java, Tableau, Angular, MEAN Stack, UI Development (PHP with MYSQL), Software Testing (Manual & Automation tools), Web designing, SQL and so on.

In today’s time, where many career options are losing its demand due to the pandemic, fall in economy and culture of working remotely from home; computer programming and related technology is carving itself into a better career option. It has been a well-known fact that the future is going to be oriented more towards these software related technologies and open up a wide spectrum of well-paying jobs.

Here is how the learning of software elated technology will uplift your career:

Software technology training will open up innumerable career options in Information technology (IT) department of various industries. Digitization of businesses has made it necessary for them to hire expert computer programmers who can develop, or trouble shoot necessary software programs. IT job market makes sure tremendous growth opportunities in the upcoming era and has been in steady increase in demand. Job security is an added benefit to opt for such courses and pursue a career in this field.


Computer programmers are required in almost all industries you can imagine, consisting of engineering, educational and medical fields. A well-paying job is the greatest advantage of this profession. Computer programmers work under various titles such as, system analyst, Web programmer and application programmer and are considered to be amongst the worlds top paying jobs.


A career in software programming opens up an option of being a freelancer. You can have a self-planned schedule and don’t require to actually rent an office space. It is a career which can be pursued from anywhere where you have access to a computer system and a well-connected internet. You can complete your projects on the assigned time from the comforts of your homes. In the current scenario when it’s dangerous to step out of the house, this remote working option is an added benefit to this profession.

Short term training
A basic requirement for a career in computer programming is not high, you don’t have to complete a four-year degree course from an expensive university. Some institutes like IT view provide short term training programs in these technologies at a lower cost as compared to the university fees. Although a technical degree will give you an added advantage in the market, some industries don’t ask for college degrees and hire young motivated adults with these skills.

IT view has a vision towards the future of technology and innovation, its motive is to provide excellent education contemporary to the corporate environment. It promotes learning by facilitating learners with best faculty members, course structure and support infrastructure.

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