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Popularity Of Selenium For Automation Testing

Selenium is always ‘under the news’ when one talks of automation testing. Selenium is a popular automated testing tool used by all developers and testers for Selenium Automation Testing. In fact, Selenium has an edge over other automation testing tools in the market. We at ItView, the best software training institute in Pune, offer regular career-specific courses like Selenium Automation Testing course, Python, AWS, Java, Tableau, Power BI, Angular, Web Designing, DevOps, apart from job-oriented courses like Python Full-Stack Developer, Java Full-Stack Developer, Software Testing, Data Analytics, PHP, for developing the required technical and professional skills to become in-demand IT professionals.

Selenium-Selenium is an open-source Selenium Automation Testing tool, automating tests on a bevy of web browsers. Selenium WebDriver supports a variety of browsers like Chrome, Mozilla, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer, enabling you to simply automate browser testing. Selenium Automation Testing is a widely used browser automation tool, coming with a toolkit that caters to different business requirements:

  • Selenium IDE (Selenium Integrated Development Environment)
  • Selenium Grid
  • Selenium WebDriver

Below are reasons for Selenium, rather, Selenium Automation Testing popularity:

  1. Free & Open-Source Testing Tool-There’s no shelling out of extra money in the initial stage, making way for a free download from official website. A large community of users offer free support for the product. For freshers trained in selenium automation testing course, the situation is pretty easy.
  2. Freedom Of Using Any Programming Language-Selenium, particularly, Selenium Automation Testing, is capable of effectively supporting all language bindings used by testers like Selenium with Java, Selenium with C#, Selenium with Python, etc.
  3. Re-Run Of Scripts-Selenium allows recording scripts in test mode in browser. You can store these scripts and run them repeatedly when needed, simultaneously generating Selenium Automation Testing with web development tools like Firebug.
  4. Wide Range Of Browsers-Selenium Automation Testing can be run in a wide array of browsers without substantial limits. The program operates well in a number of settings like Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.
  5. Integration With Third-Party Tools/Software-Selenium is well integrated with third-party applications. Furthermore, other cloud-based online grids are benefitted a great deal from Selenium.
  6. Adaptability, Flexibility & Usability-Selenium Automation Testing case regrouping and refactoring make for an easy and efficient process, assisting developers and testers in making quick code changes, eliminating duplication, reducing complexity, and accentuating maintainability. All these qualities make Selenium adaptable, flexible and usable than any other automated testing solutions.
  7. Simple Usage Of Tool-Selenium has an intuitive user interface thereby making it simple to build and run test via Selenium Automation Testing, while also keeping a check on tests in progression. Moreover, you can also get a detailed account of test reports and call for action based on them.
  8. Simple & Easy Learning-Selenium scripts are just few lines of code automating website functions, beneficial for developers and testers. In fact, Selenium tutorials like selenium testing automation course, Selenium Automation Testing and development are all available via Google. However, you may use Selenium IDE plugin for Firefox for developing Selenium scripts via record and play functionality.
  9. Constant Upgradation-Selenium community is constantly deciphering updates and upgrades, easy to grasp with no special training whatsoever-both resourceful and cost-effective compared to others.

Thus, Selenium Automation Testing methodology taught in selenium automation testing course amongst students and aspirants, is the way to go and leave a mark as an IT professional.

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