Tips for Non-IT Graduate to Get Started in Software Testing Field

Switching your career is never easy, especially when different and specialized academic qualification is needed as a break-through. But there are some general aspects that can be considered if at all anyone is considering switching their field. 

There are a lot of people who are switching towards software testing these days. For an individual from a non-IT background entering into a profession that is majorly inclined towards technology is difficult. The reason why most of the students are turning towards the Software Testing field is because of its global outreach, monetarily benefits and comes as a really dynamic field with constant growth and innovations. 

Now, following some of these tips would push you towards taking the final decision.  

Know Your Field – 

Your market research should be on point here. Researching includes the position of this field in the market, basic academics and skill set required, the hierarchy and salary structure, challenges involved, and work culture.   

Know Your Basics –

 To enter into this profession you should at least be versed with the various management tools, databases/SQL, testing and defect tracking tools, automation tools. 

Introduction to Programming  – 

Since programming is a central pillar of the IT field, therefore, having at least a basic knowledge of programming is preferable.  

Certifications –  

The best way to acquire proper knowledge and proper skills sets is by joining various short –term, diploma courses. These are less time consuming and offer conducive solutions to get you going. 

Define your reasons – 

You should get your reasons clear about why you are considering moving to software testing. This is the basic question that will pop up in one’s mind. So you should know why software testing is ‘your calling.’

Cities like Mumbai, Pune, Banglore, etc offer excellent opportunities in this field. Many aspiring students come to Pune for gaining proficiency in the IT world. There are a lot of institutes that offer different courses to gain command over different tools gives you a proper understanding of the same. ITView Progressive Learning (Software Training Institute) offer courses like in Software Training, Python Training, Web Development Courses, AWS certification course, Php programming, Selenium Automation testing, AngularJs Training. 

The above-mentioned courses will definitely make a non-IT graduate start a career in software testing. Different career options are tests leads, test program manager, product manager, performance testing, database testing, etc. Initially, you will have to start with getting to know STLC and trying your hand in unit testing. Once you are well acquainted with the tools you are sure to get other responsibilities.