Why you should learn Python?

Why Should You Learn Python?

Python’s popularity as one of the most loved programming languages by software engineers, developers, and data scientists constitutes an important reason you should learn Python. However, is this the only reason to learn Python? No. ITView, the leading Python classes in Pune, explores five more reasons that make Python a must-have skill as a modern technology professional.

5 Reasons You Must Learn Python

Python is a high-level programming, server-side, and open-source language that enjoys widespread application across general-purpose software engineering. It has a strong community base revolving around modern technological elements such as ML, AI, data modeling. Additionally, the extensive resources and libraries built for these purposes enable Python professionals to optimize Python’s capabilities as a programming language.

Here are five reasons that talk about Python’s competitive learning advantage.

1. Python’s Use for Various Applications

You know how significant ML, AI, Data Science, Testing, Rapid Application Development, Automation, etc., are in today’s age. They constitute the future of the business world, and Python, in turn, forms a part of all of them. It is used by many global players, including Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc. So, learning Python not only enables you to be a part of the future but helps you stand a chance of employment with many global enterprises.

2. Python is One of the Most In-Demand Programming Languages

Python is one of the most in-demand programming languages by the number of job postings on popular job portals worldwide. Learning Python gives you a competitive employment advantage. A lot of companies with Python openings throughout the year hire Python programmers in abundance. Hence, you must undoubtedly have Python in your technological expertise portfolio.

3. Learning Python Pays Well!

Now that you know Python’s significance from the perspective of its application and job demand, you must also know that learning Python pays well. The average starting annual salary of a Python programmer is approximately 4.20 lakh INR, whereas the average of a mid-level Python expert is nine lakhs INR per year. The most seasoned Python professionals draw an average of 1.1 million INR annually.

However, you must note that the salary varies greatly depending on the employer’s paying capacity, your Python skills, and a range of other determining factors such as the city of employment, project, etc. The above Python salary figures are approximate and must not be considered a minimum or a maximum benchmark.

4. A Comprehensive Community Support

Python programmers enjoy comprehensive community support through various Q&A and discussion forums. Some of them include Stack Overflow, wherein Python is tagged in over a million questions, and GitHub, where Python constitutes the largest developer community. So, as a Python programmer, when you are stuck into something or have a complex concern, you are likely to find an answer for it ready within the community.

5. Python is Easy to Learn!

A programming language in such great demand from the learning and employment perspective must be challenging to learn, isn’t it? No! Rather, it is easy to read, write, and learn Python. It has high readability and simple syntax that makes it easy to learn programming language.

Python is easy because it was developed to eliminate complex concerns and focus on those necessary. Furthermore, Python is an interpreted programming language. It allows you to run every line of your code as soon as you write it. This capability proves beneficial for you as a beginner in Python, as it enables you to get immediate feedback on your code and identify errors if any.

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