Charting Out Different Career Paths Via AWS

Amongst all of the technological advancements in the field of IT, Amazon Web Services (AWS), like an aws certification course in Pune or aws training in Pune, is an indispensable component in the field of cloud computing. With the ever-increasing demand for AWS, certifications like the AWS certification course in Pune, are the best medium to authenticate one’s expertise on the AWS platform, opening up a wide array of job opportunities. With this end in view, we, at ItView, the best software training institute in Pune, provide best-in-class AWS training to young minds to excel in the future.

Advantages of aws certification course in Pune:

  • Reinstates your AWS skills and knowledge.
  • Possibility of a salary hike.
  • Boosts up the chance of hiring.
  • Enables you to be the most preferred in the competitive arena.
  • Gives exposure to an array of job opportunities for AWS.
  • Provides future job stability.

Varied AWS career paths:

  1. Cloud Architect-Cloud architects are the pillars of cloud technology, who oversee practical details, tackle cloud application design, deployment to computing strategy, adoption plan, and monitoring, with a satisfactory average salary of Rs.19.19,308 per year.
  2. SysOps Administrator-SysOps centers around the operation of cloud systems and the handling of framework on the AWS stage. These experts, equipped with AWS certification course in Pune or aws training in Pune, handle the lifecycle of cloud system like deployment, management, and operations on the AWS cloud platform, with a handsome salary starting from Rs.2,80,374 per year.
  3. Cloud Software Engineer-A cloud software engineer, an adept in programming languages, designing software on the AWS platform, has the ability to plan, create, and materialize framework. From an associate level, one becomes professional with aws certification course in Pune, having maximum salary of Rs.15,59,603 and minimum of Rs.3,44,943 per year respectively.
  4. Cloud DevOps Engineer-A DevOps engineer skillsets goes beyond deployment. There’s a huge demand for Cloud DevOps Engineers, having an in-depth knowledge of AWS platform along with multiple skillsets. However, the maximum salary goes upto Rs.16, 49, 263 and minimum is Rs.4.00,560 per year.
  5. Cloud Developer-Cloud developers certified with aws training in Pune, executes program improvisations applications and solutions, picking up a handsome salary ranging from Rs.3.5 lakhs to Rs.23.9 lakhs.
  6. Networking Specialist-A networking specialist performs tasks like maintaining network security, analyzing network performance, testing, troubleshooting problems, router installation, firewall, networking tools and systems, etc., with maximum salary upto Rs.11, 34, 960 and minimum of Rs.3, 74, 688 per year respectively.
  7. Key Account Manager, Cloud-A key account manager supervises customer accounts for expediting the decisions related to purchases. An aspirant, equipped with aws certification course in Pune, having had the experience of sales and purchase, is entitled to take up the job of a key account manager with an average salary of Rs.8.9 lakhs per year.
  8. AWS Big Data Specialist-The primary responsibilities of AWS big data specialist include compilation, organizing, handling, and analyzing data information, with an earning of upto Rs.23.4 lakhs per year for 3-10 years aspirants.
  9. AWS Solutions Architect-AWS Solutions Architect’s job includes building, architecting, designing applications, and designating scalable AWS cloud environments with an average salary of Rs.6,07,000 per year.
  10. AWS System Integrator-AWS System Integrator provides infrastructure, storage, networking, etc,. With appropriate aws certification course in Pune or aws training in Pune, one can earn a salary of Rs.5,00,000 per year.

Thus, all the above-mentioned designations via AWS go a long way in charting out a worthwhile career path. 

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