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Tips to Complete the Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification Exam Successfully

The Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification is a critical education program that examines basic product knowledge. It is the simplest certification level offered by Tableau and comes with lifetime validity, unlike many others that remain valid for a couple of years or three. The examination requires you to score above 70 percent and blends hands-on and knowledge-based questions. Remember, the exam is proctored. However, you may refer to Google for answers!

Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification is a crucial certification as it enables you to exhibit your proficiency in Tableau. It provides a comprehensive understanding of Tableau and proves a value addition if you are a data analyst, business analyst, student, or someone aspiring to start a career in Tableau, IT/ Reporting, and BI. However, you must note that you are required to have hands-on experience of at least six months to a year in analytics after the training to appear for the certification.

Accordingly, if you are about to appear for the Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification examination, these tips from ITView, the top class for Tableau training in Pune, can help. 

4 Tips to Prepare for the Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification Examination

  1. Use the Examination Preparation Guide

To prepare for the examination and pass it comprehensively, you need to have a checklist of what you must study. The free examination preparation guide proves helpful in this regard. It provides crucial information about the examination and skills measured, coupled with some sample questions. You can also use it to know what to study and thus prepare for the test better. 

  1. Leverage Tableau eLearning

Tableau eLearning demands a bit of investment. However, it is worth the money you pay. Tableau eLearning is a comfortable and effective, and interactive way to study Tableau. You can take up the Desktop 1 Fundamental Course and Desktop 2 Intermediate Course to learn the advanced aspects such as creating a set, using histograms and bins, adding a context filter, and adding a parameter.  

  1. Use Learning Question and Answers

You have a wealth of Tableau quizzes available across the internet for free. You can take up specialist quizzes and also certified associate quizzes. Additionally, you can take up Tableau Specialist Practice Exams to prepare better for the examination. Remember, the more you practice, the better it is. However, ensure focus on areas requiring additional learning or hard work to understand the concept and perfect it to compete better.

In addition to quizzes, you can refer to several Tableau training videos. These videos prove a more effective way to learn, given they create a video memory. Many topics under the Creator section are relevant to this examination, except for Tableau Prep and publishing to Tableau Server. You may want to learn it for additional or advanced competence. However, they do not hold any relevance for this exam, in particular. 

  1. Enroll in the Top Institute for Tableau Training in Pune

One of the keys to passing the Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification and ensuring comprehensive Tableau learning is to enroll in a class that offers a Tableau certification in Pune. For instance, institutes like ITView offer comprehensive online Tableau training, conduct various question and answer sessions, offer extensive practical exposure, and prepare you for the examination and the practical application of the subject.

As a result, you do not just easily pass the Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification exam but prepare yourself as a professional ready to take up real-time industry challenges.

Become an In-Demand Tableau Professional with ITView Tableau Training in Pune

ITView’s Tableau training is an excellent opportunity for students and professionals to master Tableau and add value to their profile. The institute offers a range of online Tableau training classes with flexible batches and allows you the opportunity to train yourself under Tableau experts. Tableau is an essential contemporary skill, and ITView lets you learn and leverage it for professional competence. For more details and enrollments, call 84840 38466/ 74991 18466.

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