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How to Become a Tableau Developer?

Tableau is one of the latest empowerments in the data visualization and analytics space. It enables professionals to do several tasks, including data manipulation, design visualizations, etc., and transform data into business-ready insights. Hence, Tableau developers are in high demand everywhere. But how to become a Tableau developer? ITView, the top for Tableau training in Pune, explains how to become a Tableau developer in five simple steps.

Become a Tableau Developer in 5 Simple Steps

  • Learn Tableau Desktop Basics

At the outset, enroll in Tableau training to learn the basics of Tableau Desktop. The courses include Tableau Desktop for Beginners, Advanced Tableau Desktop, and Tableau Prep for Beginners. These courses can prepare you for a successful journey as a Tableau developer. ITView offers a range of Tableau Desktop courses to ensure comprehensive learning and help you confidently start your career in Tableau.

  • Use Tableau Desktop Frequently

Practice is one of the keys to developing expertise in Tableau Desktop. Accordingly, use Tableau for a personal project, or use it voluntarily for some work. It acquaints you with several real-world challenges that you may encounter while using Tableau. Further, it also enables you to develop a solution-oriented approach. ITView, the top place for Tableau certification in Pune, provides abundant practical exposure on live Tableau desktop to build professional competence. 

  • Build a Public Profile

Seeing is believing! So, create a public portfolio by signing up for Tableau Public, a free online version of Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server. Here, you can share your dashboards, showcase your skills, and sell your skills to your prospective employer in a more competent manner. Leading Tableau institutes like ITView enable you to create a public portfolio, develop it well, and then guide you to help you showcase it appropriately.

  • Broaden Your Network

We live in a world where digital socializing and being visible are two crucial aspects associated with professional success. So, building skills and working in isolation does not help. You need to broaden your network by joining online and physical Tableau communities, including Tableau Webinars, Tableau User Groups (TUGs), etc. Besides enhancing your professional visibility, these communities prove platforms to resolve your concerns, queries, and technical doubts. 

  • Earn Tableau Certification

Earning Tableau certification is imperative to start your professional journey as a Tableau developer. The three levels of desktop certification include Tableau Desktop Specialist, Tableau Certified Associate, and Tableau Certified Professional. However, before you try to attempt certification, completing Tableau Certification Prep: Desktop Specialist + Certified Associate proves a prudent step. What next? Find a Tableau Developer job opening, apply for it, and give your best! 

Learn Tableau With ITView – The Best Software Training Institute in Pune

Pune-based ITView is one of the best institutes for Tableau training in Pune. The institute employs the best Tableau trainers, the latest technology infrastructure and thus offers online Tableau certification in Pune to enable a confident professional entry. Additionally, the institute offers placement assistance to help you kickstart your career in Tableau with reputed companies. So, enroll in ITView’s Tableau training in Pune, and give yourself the competitive advantage. For more details on the course curriculum and enrollments, call ITView at +91 8484038466 / +91 7499118466.

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