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Selenium-Your ‘Go-To’ Choice For Test Automation

The global Test Automation Market, expected to reach US$ 109.69 bn by 2025 as per consensus, indicates an ever-increasing demand for Test Automation Services worldwide for its exponential growth, efficiency, and time-saving ability ensuring a high level of accuracy. With test automation on the rise especially in the field of IT and the availability of numerous automation tools, Selenium has managed to gain a strong foothold.

Selenium, originally developed by Jason Huggins in 2004, is an open-source tool used for testing web applications in software training institutes keeping in mind Agile infrastructure and DevOps workflow. It is the most sought-after test automation tool involving no license cost. We, at Itview, a premier software training institute, take the noble initiative of imparting software testing training in Pune to train young minds to decipher knowledgeable outcomes.

Selenium owes its impeccable success to the brightest minds thereby making its community strong and the icing on the cake is the community-based technical support that is available for free.

Making Its Presence Felt In Diversification

Selenium is all about choices and making the right moves. In fact, software training institute offers choices in selenium training in Pune or elsewhere to testers from languages to the operating system.

Easy On The Usage

Selenium is very easy to use. The UI of the tool is designed for users to have a better understanding of its usages and features like ‘click of a button’ and ‘type words in any of the field boxes’. You need programming like core Java or Python and an understanding of manual testing as well.

Features Of Selenium

Selenium is a complete package. It’s a suite of tools playing an instrumental role in web applications development at a software training institute.

  • Selenium IDE for playback, record, debugging and editing Selenium scripts.
  • Selenium Grid for minimizing test execution times by facilitating distribution of tests across different browsers and machines.
  • Selenium Remote Control for running tests on various systems and browsers.
  • Selenium WebDriver containing a number of Selenium APIs.
  • Cucumber framework in Selenium allowing test scenarios to be written using natural language constructs.
  • Page Object Model, or POM framework in Selenium, creating an object repository for storing all web contents.
  • TestNg framework in Selenium prioritizing Test case, Grouping Test cases, Execute Test batches, and generate Test Reports.

Selenium’s Community

Selenium’s technical support is heavily dependent on its community, enabling constant updates and up gradation of tools for selenium training in Pune and likewise in other places. It has a large and active user community offering comprehensive support, making the tool highly resourceful and cost-effective. However, irrespective of the variety of tools available in the market, Selenium is still considered to be the foremost choice for testing projects pertaining to IT and software training institutes.

Right from open-source nature to cross-platform compatibility, Selenium is a multidimensional testing package offering an organization optimal benefit when it comes to testing automation.

Selenium FAQs

  • What is required for selenium testing?

Windows, Mac, Linux, Java.

  • Can selenium do performance testing?

Selenium Web Driver operates on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and many other browsers via its driver ecosystem.

  • Why selenium testing is used?

It is used mostly to test web applications.

  • Can selenium do load testing?

Yes, as it allows users to re-use existing functional tests and run them with virtual concurrent users.

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