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What to do After Learning Python?

What do I do after learning Python? Well, that’s a question many aspiring Python programmers ask before they take up learning Python. But we’ll tell you; Python is a popular and in-demand programming language. Hence, the job prospects after Python are bright! Of course, doing a job might be inevitable for many. However, after learning Python, you can add a lot more value to your profile by doing a few Python-based courses as well.  Accordingly, ITView, one of the top software training institutes for Python training, explores what you can do.

3 Things You Can do After Python – Know it from the Best Institute for Python Classes in Pune

You can do a lot with a Python basic certificate in your hand. Let us look at three such things you can do.

  1. Learn Web Development with Python

Learning web development with Python enables you to develop a range of web applications. Primarily, Python comprises two web development frameworks – Flask and Django. They help automate many overheads associated with several routine tasks related to web development and thus prove helpful in doing it.

Flask has a softer learning curve compared to Django. It is used to create small-scale web applications quickly. On the other hand, although a bit challenging to learn, Django offers several advantages over Flask, and hence, developers leverage its capabilities to build large-scale web applications.

So, after learning Python, you can learn Django. However, you can begin with Flask and then graduate to Django, so that alongside Django, you earn yourself a competitive edge with Flask as well and, at the same time, simplify learning. Further, if you want to become a full-stack web developer, you can couple Django with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. 

  1. Explore Various Python Career Opportunities

Python opens the doors to various lucrative and promising job opportunities across the tech cosmos. Some of them are,

  • Python Developer: Design applications, write codes, integration with server-side logic, etc.
  • Software Developer: Write code, designing software, install and test software, and many others.
  • Business Analyst: Leverage the power of Big Data, interpret high data volumes, provide relevant insights, etc.
  • Data Scientist: Analyze raw data, use data analysis tools and techniques, provide insights, and many others.
  • Web Developer: Write and test code, debug, integrate applications with third-party web services, etc.

Another remunerative career opportunity is that of becoming a Machine Learning engineer. However, that requires you to learn Machine Learning with Python. So yes, that’s another thing you can do after learning Python. 

  1. Become a Python Basic Trainer

If you love teaching or start earning some money before you get your first break as a Python professional, you can begin teaching Python to beginners. You may continue doing it even after you start working as a Python professional to pass on your knowledge to aspirants like you and simultaneously create an additional source of income. 

Additionally, since working as a Python trainer is an opportunity for you to stay abreast of the latest developments in Python, as, being a trainer, you need to keep yourself updated. It will prove helpful for you as a professional as well.

Learn Python with ITView, one of the Top Python Classes in Pune

ITView is one of the leading Best software training institutes in Pune. To date, the company has shaped up the careers of various aspiring tech professionals through comprehensive training and placement assistance with reputed IT companies in Pune. ITView offers a supportive educational environment that encourages self-learning, and at the same time, offers practical exposure to help students learn the real-world aspects of Python. 

If you want to learn Python, and further, carve a successful career out of it, enroll in ITView’s Python classes in Pune. To know more, or for admissions, call +91 7499118466.

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