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Top 10 Tableau Interview Questions You Must Prepare in 2021

Are you about to appear for a Tableau interview? Then, ITView, the top Institute for Tableau course in Pune, brings ten basic Tableau questions that the interviewer is likely to ask you during the interview.

  1. What is Tableau?

Tableau is a flexible and easy-to-use data analytics and BI platform that offers a seamless experience to its users.  Some of Tableau’s features include quick responsiveness, interactive dashboards, and real-time data analysis. Additionally, it provides a range of appealing graphics to enable a better pictorial representation of datasets.

2. What are the different advantages of Tableau?

Some of Tableau’s benefits include,

  • User-friendliness
  • Pace
  • Simple publishing and sharing
  • Interactive and visually appealing dashboard

3. What are the different filters in Tableau?

Tableau offers a range of filters that restrict the content of a particular dataset from entering a Tableau workbook. The various types of Tableau filters include Context Filters, Extract Filters, Filters on Dimensions, Table Calculation Filters, Data Source Filters, and Filters on Measures.

4. What are the various field operations that you can do in Tableau?

Some of the field operations that you can do in Tableau include adding new fields to a worksheet, grouping multiple fields, renaming, or reordering fields, searching for existing fields, combining two or more fields, creating a calculated field, and making parameters from fields.

5. What are the main features of Tableau?

Some of the key features of Tableau include data notifications, drag-and-drop functionality, sharing dashboards, data highlights and filters, importing data of all sizes, metadata management, automatic updates, mobile-ready dashboards, creating guided stories, dashboard commenting, security permissions at any level, converting queries to visualization, dashboard embedding, creating interactive dashboards, range of native data connectors, etc.

6. How do you create a .tde file in Tableau?

The process to create a.Tableau Data Extract (.tde) file involves,

  • Go to the Data tab on the top left of the Tableau toolbar
  • Choose a data source
  • Click on the Extract Data option
  • Select fields from the data source, or only click on Extract to create a data extract file (.tde) of the entire dataset from the data source.

7. What is Quick Sorting in Tableau?

Tableau enables you to Quick Sort data present in your visualizations. You can instantly sort data from the visualization by clicking on the Sort button present on the axes of a chart or a graph. A single click enables an ascending sort, and a double click performs a descending sort. Further, three clicks on the Quick Sort icon clear an applied sort.

8. What is a Tableau worksheet?

A Tableau worksheet is a single view sheet that can consist of various visualizations. Usually, a Tableau worksheet comprises cards, shelves, the Show Me menu, filters, legends, Data and Analytics pane, and blank space wherein you can create visualizations. Creating a basic Tableau worksheet is the first step involved in creating anything on Tableau. Besides, Tableau enables you to use multiple worksheets to create stories, dashboards, and workbooks.

9. At the most, how many tables can you join in Tableau?

At the most, you can join 32 tables in Tableau.

10. What is a Heat Map?

A Tableau Heat Map presents data values as density spots or heat spots on a map. A heat map is also termed a density map. It is because it shows colored spots, the intensity, and shape of which vary depending on the number of values in a cluster of values. The higher the number of values in a cluster, the denser it is and denoted through a dark color on the map.

Remember, these are only a few potential questions that you may be asked during your interview for a Tableau position. So, it is recommended that you prepare for other questions as well to stand a higher chance of cracking the interview. Your Tableau institute in Pune must help you prepare for them through mock interview sessions.

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