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Top Reasons to Learn Python in 2021

Python’s growing popularity, career opportunities, and widespread application across the technology world make it imperative for tech aspirants to learn Python in 2021. But are these the only reasons you must learn Python in 2021? No. ITView, the best Python classes in Pune, gives a few more reasons to learn Python in 2021.

6 Reasons to Learn Python in 2021

  • Shorter Learning Curve

A shorter learning curve refers to the fact that Python is easier to learn than its counterparts such as C, C++, Java, etc. It is because Python has a simple syntax and a higher readability factor. Additionally, it allows you to get straight into research without requiring to think about the documentation part. No wonder Python is extensively used across new-age technologies such as Data Science, data analysis, text processing, etc.

  • Extensive Library

Python’s got an extensive and exceptional library base that perhaps, no other language does. It includes SciPy, Matplotlib, StatsModels, NumPy, among many others. The addition of these libraries continues to contribute to Python’s ever-evolving functionalities and features. As a result, you do not have to worry about coding concerns you may encounter while working with Python. The libraries have an answer to every Python-related problem.

  • Extensive Community

Communities form an essential aspect contributing to the popularity of every programming language. Over the years, Python has prospered on this front as well. It has an extensive community base to handhold Python beginners and serves as a discussion forum that addresses the basic and advanced concerns of Python professionals. So, as a Python programmer, with such as huge community, you wouldn’t feel left out or stuck.

  • Use in the Latest Technologies

We’ve mentioned this point once, but we think reiterating it will only lay more emphasis on why you must learn Python in 2021 and take up Python training in Pune. Python’s use in new-age and in-demand technologies such as Data Science, Machine Learning, data analysis, statistical analysis, etc., give Python professionals an edge.

Also, since companies are increasingly leveraging these technologies to their benefit, and Python’s application in them strengthens the significance of Python’s application, education, and the demand for Python professionals.

  • Python Job Opportunities

Python professionals, whether beginner, mid-level, or expert, are perpetually in demand with several tech startups, SMEs, and global enterprises. Their use in various modern-age applications, ease of use, extensive community support, and a broad library give companies several valid reasons to use it. As a result, you wouldn’t encounter a dearth of Python job opportunities. If you are ready to take up the challenge, you may find a job.

  • Python Programmer Salary

Salary forms an important reason to learn Python in 2021. The average yearly salary of a Python programmer is around 4.20 to 4.30 lakh INR, and that of mid-level professionals is about eight to nine lakhs INR annually. Further, as an expert, you may earn an annual salary of as much as approximately one million INR.

Exciting, isn’t it? But remember, the salary varies largely with the demand for Python professionals in a particular city, the paying capacity of the employer, expertise value, etc. So, you must not consider these figures as a standard. You may expect variations based on these factors.

Learn Python with ITView – The Best Institute for Python Training in Pune

Python, undoubtedly, is an essential programming language to learn. To optimize its benefit for your career, you must learn Python with the best Python classes in Pune. The answer to the best Python training is ITView. ITView is a leading name for Python training in Pune. It contributes value to students’ careers through top-quality Python training, and at the same time, to the industry, by contributing the best Python professionals to it.

If you want to learn Python and open the doors to many existing and upcoming Python job opportunities, enroll in ITView’s Python training in Pune. For more details, connect at +91 84840 38466.

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