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What are the Benefits of Learning PHP?

PHP is one of the most widely used programming languages across the tech-world. It is fast, free, and open-source. Additionally, it has an extensive community base that supports and encourages effective and continual learning for new and seasoned PHP developers. Besides, the fact that nearly eighty percent of the top websites in the world are PHP-based further contributes to the popularity of this programming language.

However, you must be wondering what’s in it for you from the viewpoint of your career as a PHP developer! ITView, the best software training institute in Pune and the best for PHP classes in Pune, provides an insight into some of the career benefits of learning PHP that includes PHP career opportunities, PHP developer salary, etc.

5 Career Benefits of Learning PHP

1. PHP is a Significant Technology for Global Enterprises

Over the years; the tech-world has witnessed the development of several programming languages. However, PHP still hasn’t lost luster! Its usefulness as a programming language, and its open-source nature, coupled with reduced time to market, compatibility with various databases, give it an edge over other programming languages.

PHP undergoes continual improvement. Backend development with PHP isn’t a mere database addition to the front-end development. Besides, PHP enables performing a range of other tasks such as data gathering, redirection, integration with mobile, etc. Additionally, PHP’s light syntax and quick onboarding make it an apt choice for commercial projects. As a result, multinationals prefer PHP, and they keep hiring PHP developers.

2. PHP has Bright Prospects

Many question the future of PHP and ask if PHP is still relevant. However, someone looking forward to pursuing PHP courses, rest assured, PHP has bright prospects. Of course, it is because PHP is technically useful, convenient, quick, free, and compatible. Besides, the continual upgrades help it stay in business and remain the favorite programing language of corporates. So, for you, as a PHP developer, employment shouldn’t be a concern.

3. PHP Developer Salary

You’ve been waiting to arrive at this part, haven’t you? Then, why wait anymore? Let us talk about it. So, what is the salary of a PHP developer? Remember, the salary varies with experience, expertise projects handled, employers worked with, etc. For instance, the average entry-level PHP developer salary is 1.70 – 1.75 lakhs INR per annum, and that of a mid-level PHP developer is 2.60 – 2.65 lakhs INR per year.

Experienced PHP developers, on the other hand, earn about 5.40 – 5.50 lakhs INR per year, and those with over a decade of PHP development experience build the potential to earn as much as 8.5 – 9.0 lakhs INR per annum.

However, besides experience and PHP development portfolio, the employer’s paying capacity and the location of the employer also influence the salary part. The average PHP developer salary in IT-dominant cities like Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, etc., is higher than the smaller cities with PHP development jobs.

4. PHP Career Opportunities

Learning PHP developer through the best software institute in Pune, staying updated with the latest developments, and coupling PHP expertise with the knowledge of other technologies can open access to various career opportunities, promotions, and higher salaries. Some of the PHP career opportunities include server-side scripting, command-line scripting, desktop application development, database concepts, web development, etc.

5. PHP Community

PHP has been around for over 25 years. It has undergone various upgrades and several new version releases since its inception. All along, the language’s ever-increasing application has helped its community grow and become vital to its popularity. PHP’s extensive community support works to your benefit. As a PHP developer, you either have answers ready or many answering them. So, most of the time, you do not have to wait for solutions to evolve, and as a result, you keep up with the pace of PHP development without being stuck anywhere.

Learn PHP with ITView – The Best Software Institute in Pune for PHP Classes

If you want to craft a successful career in PHP, learn PHP with ITView, the best software institute in Pune for PHP classes. ITView conducts offline and online PHP courses to help aspiring PHP developers learn PHP. ITView’s PHP courses undergo constant updates and comprise learning the latest topics based on the industry’s needs. For more information, visit or call ITView at +91 84840 38466 or +91 74991 18466.

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